Fitness = Energy ... Energy = Life

Fitness gives you Energy to live your Life!!

Kristi is a fitness, health, wellness coach who takes a whole being approach to training her clients. With degrees in Psychology and Communications she infuses her love of helping individuals on their health and wellness journey with insight into what motivates them to reach their full potential! Every client is different and every workout is different because we show up different everyday; because of that Kristi works with every individual she coaches to set goals and expectations for the journey ahead.

Kristi has been a runner for decades, but finds so much value in lifting and teaching her clients how to lift properly to avoid injury so they can lift forever. "There is no better feeling than feeling strong, IMHO!" She has raced triathlons, marathons, and Ultra-marathons, but now finds the simple joy of doing a yoga Sun Salutation practice followed by a deep breath work practice to be very rewarding. Still a runner at heart her favorite runs now involve fun speed-work drills, or beautiful mountain trails.


As well as many other specialized certifications.

Kristi is a forever student, constantly taking continuing education classes to stay fresh and excited about health and wellness!